Project Management Consulting

With proven service record of accomplishments for providing top quality, very professional, highest and best use of resources, as well as professional integrity in the management (from start to end) of projects, E1 Consult is well positioned to give value for money on specific projects presented by clients. It is the long-term goal of E1 Consult to train at least one- in-house project manager for every company – this will improve the quality of work and time frame for the accomplishment of corporate goals. E1 Consult expertise has successfully exported the western business model to improve several economies and MNCs in South East Asia, the Middle East and South America while currently gaining progressive dominance in industry in Africa.

E1 Consult is a general business consulting and project management training firm, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. E1 Consult has successfully executed several projects across the Americas, Asia, and Africa.   


A344A 7 2nd Adote Obuor Street Dansoman – Accra.
+233 55 5777 373

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